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Psychic Steven Evans

Clairvoyant Psychic, Mayan Astrologer, and Spiritual Counselor.


"I just wanted to give you my warmest thanks and gratitude for our readings today. Your words are still radiating through my thoughts. You my friend have an amazing gift, and I am blessed to have taken part in it. I hope to have contact with you in my future. As I will never forget today".

T.Coley.....Mars Hill, NC...

"I have met many clairvoyant psychics and spiritual counselors in my lifetime, but Steven is by far the most authentic, amazing, and extraordinarily gifted of them all. He is a beautiful being with great intuition, unbelievable accuracy, caring, compassion, honesty, and inspiration. I am extremely honored to know Steven and thrilled to have the opportunity to be on the receiving end of all his remarkable abilities. He is truly a blessing in my life!"

N.Gordon Phd.......Charlotte, NC

"Your help, guidance, support, friendship, etc. is so greatly appreciated, Steven. The words "Thank you" seem inadequate. I do not even know how to express my gratitude. You are an incredible gift and blessing in not only my life, but many lives, and I feel so incredibly honored to know you. Your innate kindness is immeasurable, and your gracious nature is contagious. Your are deeply valued. Thank you, Steven, for being authentic, and thank you for being you."

A.Olson......Hendersonville, NC...

"THANK YOU so much for this afternoon! Driving home I thought I had to write and tell you how powerful your reading was for me. I am eager to sit down with the recorder and transcribe every detail so I can look at it on paper and absorb it more fully. It was so helpful and I am very grateful to you for sharing your gift with me. And, of course, much gratitude to Rosalie as well!

I will definitely call you again for another reading. It was a pleasure to meet you and I will look forward to seeing you again soon! "

M. P......Asheville, NC...

"WOW! I, nor words, can even begin to describe how Steven has helped me regain the lost focus of my life and find the true person that I am. Since Steven has come into my life over a year ago, my life has transformed into a wholeness that I never thought possible. With Steven in my life I feel like the beautiful Phoenix that has risen from the ashes and continues to climb and soar with only the sky as my limit I have been to various medical professionals and none have been able to provide me with the guidance and direction that have allowed me to open a new chapter in my life and rediscover myself, as Steven has. With Steven's guidance I have been able to put my life into perspective and find some inner peace that I have needed for quite some time. Due in large part to Steven's direction, my life is getting back on track and gaining the traction necessary to allow me to live a fulfilled life and most importantly the happiness that everyone deserves. I cannot imagine what my life would be like or where I would be without Steven's assistance. Steven's words that have resonated the most with me are oh so simple but oh so true, "Karma is not always a bad thing, Karma can also be good." While the meaning is obvious, I look at and listen to Steven and realize that good Karma has come my way."

R.C. Eller.....Asheville, NC...

"Happy Father's Day! You have been a source of spiritual guidance and strength to so many, a spiritual father to us and I am sure many of your other clients.

Love and Light to you for all the work you do to clear the shadows."

A. Orezzoli.....Miami, FL...

"Thank you so much. You opened me up to an entire new way of looking at things. You truly have a gift. "

J.W......New Bern, NC...

" First off I want to say, you know how people say the first impression is everything? Well that is so true with Steven!! When you talk to him on the phone or meet him or go to his house all you feel is comfort, love and this amazing at home feeling for sure. WOW, WHERE DO I EVEN START!!! I saw Steven on Friday April 13 2012 (of all days "the saying that's the BAD LUCK DAY") but not this case at all it was more like a blessing. This was the most AMAZING day I have had in the past 7 years. With the help of Steven and Rosea Leigh. It might have 7 years has been taken from me but its more like 14 years that has been taken away from me.But after meeting Steven I left there feeling 12 years younger. I went and seen Steven about my Uncle passing, I have been trying to tell everyone in my family that he was murdered, and I know who did it but no one would believe me (and still don't). Steven told me everything that I have been saying and feeling was true. I have always wanted to do CSI or SVU work since I was in high school, and after his death I decided that I was going to go back to school for Criminal Justice. I never made it far because I thought I was going into it for the wrong reasons, but Steven looked at me as if it was my uncle sitting there looking at me tapping me in the head saying "SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND LISTEN!! You know that's what you should be doing and quite doubting yourself, your doing the right thing!!" Now because of Steven and Rosa Leigh I have no doubt in my heart, mind, body and soul anymore about my uncle, and what I should be doing with my life. Now that I can 110% fully move on with my life and not carry the burden, I can go on with my life like Uncle Buddy wants me to. I can't wait to start school back again and put everything into school because I know I'm doing it for the right reasons. Because of Steven and Rosa Leigh I know no matter what I have done, what or where I am or doing he has been, will be there and will ALWAYS be with me and my family. So Steven and Rosa Leigh I what to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and soul and every ounce of my being for everything you both have shown me and said to me. You made me believe in myself like never before and without any doubts. I will always be forever grateful. I believe that God has put you in my life for this very reason. So I say again THANK YOU STEVEN AND ROSA LEIGH."

Danielle Butler.....Canton, NC...

"Steven Evans is a great citizen of the universe and is skilled in its ways. He makes things make a cosmic way...which is how we all should be thinking. His sight is unerring. Tell him a few lines about your topic and he has already tuned it or them in and he is off filling you with all kinds of pertinent info that keeps you off balance as to how anyone could know all this stuff only you know about. He is a compassionate human being and is a great giver. When Steven gives you information he does it from a place of understanding. I continue to learn from him how the universe works."

Robert Lighton.....New York, NY...

"Who would have believed the young man I met many years ago, would be the very one with whom I would spend time discussing the events and changes in the world close to me and around me. Steven's abilities are golden gifts presenting truth, love and the information one needs to be in the place for one's highest good and optimum results."

M.M.....Laurel Park, NC...

"I have known Steven for less than a year; but it feels as though I have known him all of my life, and probably previous lifetimes. His readings are filled with uncanny accuracy, honesty, compassion, humor (thanks also to his guide, Rosalie) and Divine Inspiration. The information he blesses me with stays with me for days and I can feel it working at many soul levels. He is truly one of my Angelic gifts from God and I am blessed. "

Diane V...... Amityville, NY...Yes, I live 5 blocks from the "Amityville Horror"

"Losing my dog Missy to fowl play was more than I could bare. Missy had wondered onto the property a year ago and made it known, she was mine and here to stay. I would let Missy run on dirt roads, out in the country where I live, and I would slowly follow in the car. Unfortunately during one of those outings, a car came around a bend at a high rate of speed, running me off the road. Missy went into protection mode chasing after the car. Before I could turn around both Missy and the car were gone. A friend suggested two things to do: Pray and call Steven Evans; I did both. Steven sensed my grief and the urgency of the situation. As I told him the story he was very kind. As he asked for details from his guide, he saw Missy chained behind an old run down trailer in a rural setting. Steven was told it was a meth lab and that the two men who took her were paranoid and dangerous. Steven instructed me to write a flyer specifically stating, " Dog is a companion to sick child", then telling me where to place the flyer, so it would be seen by a woman connected to the situation. She would then call or the whereabouts would become known. The call came the next day. She was turned in to an animal shelter 15 miles away. Steven kindly sheds the light on things for me. He has saved me a lot. I am grateful to Steven for restoring order to my life."

Linda E. and Doug H......Ellenboro, NC...

"I just wanted to say how nice it was to talk with you the other day. I'm glad I followed my intuition about you, feeling that you would be doing more than just a "reading", and that you and "Rosa Leigh" would be that wise oracle & heart space healing/understanding/validation that I needed. Thank you & I look forward to meeting you in person."

A. M. Camp.....Potsdam, NY...

"What a fresh breath to my soul when I experience a reading with Steven and his guide, Rosa Leigh. During a session my world finds clarity and what may have seemed in chaos, is actually in perfect order. Every visit with Steven is like the comfort one finds in “going home.” Curl up, relax and savor every moment you are blessed to be in Steven’s presence."

K.Thorpe.....Twin Falls, Idaho...

"Steven changed my life. Amazing, amazing person. Lot's of depth. I thoroughly enjoyed my consult with him. He helped me come to a life-altering decision. I will love him forever for it."

C. Morris.....Atlanta GA...

"Steven changed my life. Amazing, amazing person. Lot's of depth. I thoroughly enjoyed my consult with him. He helped me come to a life-altering decision. I will love him forever for it."

C. Morris.....Atlanta GA...

"I will forever be grateful. You brought me to the light. Thank you:)"

R. Harrison.....Hendersonville, NC...

"I met Steven a couple of years ago when my nieces husband went missing.. Steven was employed at Crystal Visions at the time and just happened to answer the phone that day. It was love at first sight, but there was no first sight for us; we were hundreds of miles away from each other... me in Colorado and him in North Carolina. But that didn't matter, he gave me his time and most of all I could hear the honesty in his voice: he really wanted to help... So I set up the appointment and we talked. The search for my nieces missing husband was coming to an end with most everyone giving up. I almost hit the floor while Steven was telling me where he was, what he was wearing, and how he was suffering for hypothermia.. With great urgency I called my dad and begged him to go back up to look for him again.. They didn't find him, but someone else did, and it was just as Steven had said.. Thru him helping my niece he ended up helping me. The part of this story that I have left out is I lost my youngest daughter almost 4 years ago in a single car accident. For the first year after losing my best friend and daughter I had been talking to another psychic who turned out to be a horrible person; not in her readings, but in the person that she was inside. I even went to a psychic party where this woman told me that the spirit world brought their own furniture to sit on, while they were waiting to talk to you. My daughter was wanting a drink and a smoke! Really! Who believes this. I felt like this crazy person losing my mind, I would have done anything to just talk to my daughter again. Finding Steven, or should I say finding each other was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. It was like we had known each other our entire lives, connecting in ways I never did with anyone else. He told me things that only Erica ( my daughter) would have known, (you know the great secret keeper). I still miss my daughter everyday, but he helps me through the worst of those moments and days. With Stevens help I'm still alive and here to love the rest of my family and best of all I know that my daughter is ok. She's happy and loved by all the spirits that surround her everyday, she's still here with me, not in a form that I can see but in a form that I can feel.. I believe that our loved ones come back as butterflies and I see mine every summer grow a little bigger each year. just as beautiful as God intended for all Angels to be.. Funny I think about it now and I think Steven turned me into a butterfly, also teaching me how to spread my wings and fly. He has encouraged me to create my own non profit in my daughters name when no one else thought I could do it. When we put out our annual Christmas program last year I think the whole spirit world showed up, or at least it seemed that way. After seeing photos of the event, I lost count after 50 spirit orbs..

I love Steven for all he has done for me and my family. All what I can tell you is to believe, open your heart to a new adventure, and let Steven guide you back to your loved ones. You might be surprised in what they have to say to you! I may never see my sweet baby girl again but I know that she is with me everyday doing Gods work helping thousands of children every year just the way she did while she was alive.. I know she is smiling down on me everyday for the work I do. I can't physically hold her any more but I can hold her in my heart. My Birthday and her Birthday are special days for Steven and I, it's my special day with Erica, I can't think of a better way to start my day!

Thank You Steven for being a kind, honest and most of all a loving person."

P. Hamann.....Aurora, CO...

"I am not one to use the word "amazing" often. When you are doing a reading for me, that word "amazing" comes to mind quite a few times as you and your guide, Rosa Leigh, share with me. It is a wonderful feeling to have confirmation of thoughts regarding important issues as well as to receive new information on issues yet to be dealt with. Thank you for your work."

I. Whittington.....Flat Rock, NC...

"What can I say, Steven is simply amazing! Partnered with his guide Rosa Leigh, he is always spot on during my readings. I feel completely at ease talking with him and my only complaint is how fast time seems to fly by during each reading with him. Thank you Steven for all you have done for me; you truly are a blessing in my life."

A. Montgomery.....Florence, AZ...

"I had a reading with Steven in person in Asheville, NC in 2006 @ a local bookstore and loved it enough to keep his card. Found his card the other day, and just experienced another beautiful reading with much gratitude for his guidance. Mahalo for a very insightful hour into my soul! I'm with peace! Aloha & Ahuiho"

B. Tollett.....Kauai, HI...

"Several years ago, Steven cast the Mayan Birth Charts for my self and my two children. Now, every mother recognizes aspects within her babies - but to


the connections between us so clearly defined - to take that first step in


how each is intrinsic to the others' Journey - is truly a beautiful thing. Everything


in order.

I urge any parent seeking clarity within their family or themselves to talk with Steven about this most illuminating gift he offers."

K. Stewart.....Horse Shoe, NC...

"Steven Evans and his guide Rosa Leigh are so phenomenal at what they do.

Steven is able to get to the heart of the matter, no matter what it is. He speaks from a place of love and teaches you so that you can understand any situation. He described to me a black and white picture of my mother that he was being shown. About three weeks later, my sister came to visit and brought me that very picture. What he tells you is backed up by the Universe. He works well in long distances also."

A. Elks.....Tallahassee, FL...

" Steven is hands down the most gifted psychic I have ever had a reading from. I have been visiting with him for years now and his readings are nothing short of accurate and simply amazing! I would (and have) recommended him to anyone in need of advice from "the other side". He provided much comfort and healing for me and my husband when he was able to communicate with my deceased daughter in our darkest hour. He's not preying on people's weakness like a lot of so called "spiritual advisers", Steven really cares and it shows!"

A. Hartness.....Hendersonville, NC...

"Steven has helped me through times in my life when I needed confirmation on the feelings that were present. When my life is clouded, Steven helps me to see my way through. He has helped me to make decisions that I was unsure about doing on my own. With the help from Steven and Rosa Lee, I have been able to make confident, coherent choices to move in the right direction. And most importantly, I have been able to come to peace with the death of a very loved and missed sibling. Steven has been a huge blessing! He is a part of my life and my family welcomes him with open arms. I have worked with Steven long distance and could sense the sincerity in his voice from day one. When I met him in person, he is just as beautiful on the outside as on the inside. I am grateful to have such and insightful friend that is really there for the greater good in me."

N. Hamann.....Aurora, CO...

"In January 2009 my husband went missing in Madison County, NC. He was supposed to be home on Sunday the 18 from an overnight stay at a friend’s house. Sadly, he never made it home. The authorities were contacted the next morning, after the 24 hour missing person wait time; they searched by land, as well as by air, looking for any sign of him in the area. None of their searches were successful. The police and news media were beginning to think he had just run off because of marital problems between the two of us. My husband was trying to quit drinking alcohol and quit abusing prescription medication in the months before his death. He has been a heavy user of both for a couple years beforehand. The Wednesday before his disappearance he had a seizure while he was at work and should have even been driving. I knew with every ounce of my being that he had not simply just run away. I knew something was terribly wrong.

Five days after my husband went missing, and no clues from the detectives working the case, I decided to go to Crystal Visions. I was greeted by warm, compassionate, and helpful spiritual readers that VOLUNTEERED any information they could provide. I had readings with four different psychics before speaking to Steven. The four people prior, had confirmed my inner fear that he was not okay, and they all told me that my husband was near or in the river. All of them got a cold water sensation. I tried to get the police in Madison County to do a sweep along the rivers but they would not search the water without finding a vehicle. We conducted private searches, with the help of Buncombe County Rescue Squad, who volunteered their own personal time to help with the search. They were all trained in swift-water rescue so with their help we were able to search the river between where he stayed and the highway home. We were not able to find any sign of him during the 3 weeks we searched.

During this time, my Aunt, stayed in constant contact with me, and I shared with her how wonderful the people were that helped me with their psychic gifts. I told her how much they knew, without me telling them anything. My Aunt lost a 22 year old daughter a little over a year before this catastrophe took place in my life. She was struggling with her own devastation resulting from her loss; so, she asked for the number to Crystal Visions, and was connected with Steven. Steven and I had not ever met or even talked, but at the end of my Aunts and his conversation, she questioned him about the man I loved. Steven was able to see specifics about where my husband was, and within minutes of their conversation ending, I was on the phone with Steven Evans for the first time.

He described to me a dirt road, saying it might be an old logging road, and my husband had driven to the end of this road. Steven said he felt like he was in the water and started to feel almost hypothermic. He described the truck my husband was driving to be above where his body was and there were not any houses around him. While this conversation was happening, I was in my car driving toward the places my husband was last seen, but no matter how many times I went there, I could not find the road he travelled on. He was later found by a man hunting near his property. His truck was pulled up to a gate ending an old gravel logging road, near the old logging town called Runion, and the closest house was about a mile downstream. Below where my husband’s truck sat on the road, lay his body, in the wintery river. The final autopsy report stated the main cause of death was drowning, the secondary cause was a fatty change of the liver, and there were signs of hypothermia. Since my husband’s death I have been to see Steven and sought his advice several times. He has helped guide me and my Aunt with his wonderful insights on life and life after death. I know for a fact, it would have been much more difficult to grieve and deal with my husband’s death without him. My Aunt has coped better with her loss as well, because of Steven, and she has even been inspired to keep my cousins spirit and memory alive with charity work for underprivileged children. Thank you Steven for helping us appreciate what we have, had, and lost in a physical sense, you have helped open the spiritual world to my family and for that I am forever grateful."

Anonymous by Request of family.....Asheville, NC...